Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love poem to someone I don't love

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Not enough I've bled
It's not enough for you.

The sky is black
The rain is cold
You wanna kiss my neck
You don't think you're too old.

And still I write a poem of love
That is not returned, never shared
It's a dead, stinky dove
I admit you got me scared.

I feel abused, I do feel raped
But I'm not allowed to tell
That's why you'll never be ashamed
It feels like fucking hell.

Your words are like a hand
It hits me furtively
It's okay, I understand
It's not done... abusively.

I'm a little girl
You just wanna fuck me
So you're not a criminal
Any more innocent, I doubt you could be.

I'm drowning, can't breathe anymore
It's not enough, you still want more
"Give me my heart back"
You just come and kiss my neck.

Can't you hear me, criminal?
Give the heart back to the girl
Or else she'll make you bleed
Just they way you did.

Pun very intended there,
You sliced my body, but don't care
You sharpened your sword
Without hearing a word.

Didn't hear me crying
Didn't see me dying
The smell of death, you didn't smell
I'll make you know the taste of hell.

I'm just 'nother Lolita Haze
Lost in this dark, fucking maze
Ruled by men with kindness filled
They make sure lil' girls get killed…

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