Saturday, May 12, 2012

Funny joke, you can't miss it..

   There was this little, pretty girl. She was feeling well because she had not eaten anything for three days, and the fact that she ate on Friday without gaining 100 kilos over night made her feel even better. Then she went home and said to herself, "I will only eat a salad, take some laxatives and everything is going to be fine."
   Here comes the funny part. She started eating more than she wanted to. Ice cream, cake, grapes, cheese and so on. It was not much - but it was there. She went into her bathroom to throw up. She was excited, because her parents were not at home, so there was nothing to worry about. and she vomited and vomited, until she accidentally scratched the roof of her mouth and vomited blood. After she was done, she went into the other bathroom, because the laxatives started to kick in. She had a hard time "getting the thing out," because the overuse of laxatives had, perhaps, irritated the pretty little hole. After she was done, there was blood there, too. She looked in the mirror and grinned. She stepped on the scale - 54.9, the lowest weight she's had since last summer.
   Back into the other bathroom, she started cleaning the vomit and the WC - just like a good girl that she is. She thought that would be all for the day, and that she could either stop eating or eat and keep it down. It didn't work this time, either. She ate and ate and ate, then she threw up. there was no blood anymore, but her throat started to hurt her like hell.
   Then her parents came home and her father cooked something very delicious. She ate it carefully, bite by bite. After finishing her portion, our pretty little girl went downstairs to have some more. "I have to take a bath," she thought. She always threw up before taking a bath. The girl went into the bathroom and bent down next to the toilet. She brutally hit her throat, sticking her fingers deeper an deeper, but it would not come out. Something in the upper-left side of her abdomen started to hurt, right below her ribs. She ignored it, because that always happened to her. Her throat hurt more and more, but she ignored that too: she wanted the food out. The food refused to come out, so there was only a little bit of vomit in the toilet. the girl cleaned it and took the bath. After finishing, she went to eat some strawberries. Yummy, delicious strawberries.
   And you know what? She could not possibly feel depressed and suicidal, because she had thrown up three times that day, and had not eaten for three days before that. She thought it was quite an accomplishment.

   Then she wrote the entire story on her blog and told everyone that is was a funny joke they couldn't miss. Because it was; and they just couldn't.