Saturday, May 19, 2012

Four o'clock, never let me sleep

   I am shivering, I am burning. I am in awful laxative pain, 9 or 10 laxatives I've taken at almost 10 PM last night, while walking down the narrow streets between the blocks. Phone in my right hand, left hand fingers moving around quickly. I watch every stranger's hand that passes by, "Maybe he has a knife and will attack me," or the dark, suspicious cars. The mysterios bushes that whisper terrifying words, that make slow moves.. That watch you and every step you make.

   Then there is me, the girl who desperately takes pills from her wallet, wondering where the fuck the 10th pill is, or if I had already taken it.

  Now I am lying awake, freezing. My very "delicate" blood-and-shit shitting obviously woke up grandma, because she is waken by each and every sound in the house. I feel bad, because she has many more problems and don't want her to worry. On the other hand, I do not want to be questioned, either.

   I'll close my tired eyes, bury my freezing body under this thin blanket and my thoughts underneath my skin.

   It's 4:29 AM.

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