Friday, May 18, 2012

The lake and the willows

   I choose the route which is more beautiful. I do not like the populated roads, so I choose to go through the blocks. There are trees, there is much shadow and the birds are singing, there are no people.

   Suddenly, I feel pain in my abdomen, I have tears in my eyes and a runny nose. I walk and walk, not knowing where I am, but only the destination. Then I arrive, 20 minutes earlier. I walk down the road and meet a classmate, shortly greet him and walk further. I reach the lake -- I stop by, find a place to sit and watch the water, the willow trees. The wind blows through my hair.

   Twelve minutes left.

   I have ten laxatives in my wallet. Looking forward to 9 PM. I want to drown myself, not because I am depressed but because it sounds fun. Death sounds fun, too.

   I should go.

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