Thursday, May 3, 2012

Free tickets to Wonderland

Start on Sunday. Go to sleep at 1 AM, wake up at seven. Go on with your day. In the afternoon, take a nap on the swing in the backyard. Try to ignore the headache and the acid that is filling your mouth. Your mood has to be fucked up, or else it won't work. Sleep from 3 to 5. Get up and go on with your day.
At night, get on your laptop and keep yourself busy, mostly by playing Sims. Three oclock, four, five, six, seven. No damn sleep, it's already Monday. Go on with the day. Despite not having slept, you do not feel even a bit tired. Your phone will soon show seven PM. You will lie on the floor of your bedroom, talking on the phone, swirling around and moving your feet along the wall. Watch the stars. Try to get up, fail, crawl a bit, get up. It is not tiredness -- but laziness. So you go on with the day until ten o'clock. You start getting paranoid.
"Why is the curtain like that?"
"what did I just hear?"
"DAMN what is that shadow?"
"What about that light?"
And on and on.
At eleven o'clock, go and take a bath. You will fall asleep for two seconds. When you'll wake up, you will feel as if you had clothes on. Wet clothes. It will feel unusual. Then you will blink and think that the lights went out and then quickly came back again. After that, you get into your room and dry your hair, get dressed in pajamas. It is midnight. 31 hours with no sleep. Take some laxatives. Lie on the bed with the lights on. Unwillingly fall asleep, wake up later.
"What time is it?" Room is blurry. You get up, get dizzy, turn off the lights ans sleep on the bed, on the towels and clothes.

Voila, this is how you get to Wonderland, where everything is possible. Enjoy yourselves.


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