Monday, April 30, 2012

Random Journal Entry #2


   I honestly love the thought of going to college. It makes me enthusiastic and curious and everything.

  1. First of all, it is Vienna. The city of my dreams. I speak German very well, and the city is absolutely beautiful, especially around Christmas. I already know the names of some streets and places. It is full of Asians (and I have no problem with that). Also, the University there is one of the world's/Europe's best ones. I could choose to go to Germany, but it is too far away from home and I've never been there before.
  2. On my own. I will live in my very own apartment (I am already saving money for that, though it's early). I will go where I want, whenever I want, without having to tell anyone. I can go to the gym, take walks, eat when/IF I want to. I can have a boyfriend who can come at my place. I will have my own schedule and everything is going to be just perfect, or so I hope.
  3. Psychology. Yes, I want to study Psychology. I have already made a post on that. Because the University is a big, modern one, I wish I can study in English. It is easier for me and I like it much better. German is fine too, I am good at it, I study German since I was 2 years old -- but I am in love with the English language. I think in English, I write in English. Now I want to be able to actually speak in English.
  4. College Life articles. Another weird thing about me is that I love reading articles about college life. I am curious what it is like, how people handle it and so on. I will be the perfect student who will attend all classes, do all assignments and ace all courses. It fascinates me
   These are the fours first things I could come up with. Ahh, college.. away from home..

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