Monday, April 23, 2012


            Do you know that awesome feeling people usually get after purchasing something they wanted to buy for a long time? Something they had never thought they would have, but now, they finally have it! It's a feeling of excitement and euphoria, and you can't wait to use said object.
            That's how I feel about, I'll let you guess, not a car, not a mansion, not even a dress (a rhyme!), but a small, little, try-not-to-chew-it, pencil! I can write the letters in whatever shape, form, size and curliness I desire. Isn't it amazing? I find myself writing more and more with pencils. Any word can be easily erased, only allowing the world to see the perfect – because everything has to be perfect - handwriting.
            Oh, and the paper! These words have been first written in my squared Chemistry notebook, on a random page and with lots of words being crossed over. But then, as I'll write them on my laptop, everything will be clean and neat, no crossovers, all the letters will look exactly the same (of course, a's will look like a's, b's like b's and so on), without any personality, without a story ("... and because I was in such a hurry, I accidentally made the 'a' look like an 'o'! It's so annoying when it happens!").
            In fact, that's what the world wants, anyways. They want everyone to be the same, and if you're not like them (yes, I am aware of the fact that people are all unique. See that? They are ALL UNIQUE) then you are considered mad and crazy and, God forbid, different! Being tall or short makes you different, having any other color but brown eyes makes you different, reading ("We got a nerd over here!"), writing ("Bring it on, Shakespeare!"), singing ("Who do you think you are, Madonna?"), being smart ("How come you don't know that, Einstein?" And by the way, Einstein was not a "smart" guy, he was a physicist), everything makes you different. Even I, who wrote this long sentence with lots of commas and brackets, am different from the people who only write short, four-word sentences, not to mention the excess of punctuation marks or lack thereof (I always wanted to say that. "Lack thereof").
            Back to pencils now.
            I could easily associate them with people. They have good days (when they are sharp and nice) and bad days (which are, obviously, the opposite of the good days). They break - mine just did – they get lost and then found, they live in groups and have different appearances. But, as opposed to human beings, no pencil can be considered "average".
            "The average person drinks around seven glasses of water a day, though it is strongly advised that you drink eight," one might say. This does not work with pencils. "The average pencil has the length of approximately fifteen centimeters," really? Yes, they might have that length at the beginning, but then you sharpen them and they get smaller. People drink seven glasses (or whichever quantity) of water without even caring or counting, they just DO IT. It is something general, a need. Pencils are different.
            Why must everyone be "average" to be accepted by the society? What does average mean, anyway? If you ask me (I know you have not, but I have the urge to share this), the term is pretty vague. How many people called Mohammed do you now? (This is where you say "none" or "one". Follow the script, please) I thought so. Well, if you are from Europe, at least. Still, most men on this planet have that name. It is the most common male name, or so I have heard. You draw the conclusion. (For the lazier ones: The average man is called Mohammed. Funny enough?)
            The Ultimate Conclusion: Pencils have more fun. They don't have the possibility to have so many theories...


  1. This is a bit creepy, I guess. You don't know me, and neither do I know you. But I stumbled over your blog, while randomly surfing through some following links and felt almost immediately in love with your work! Thus could be because I am eating disordered myself.

    Well, back to what I wanted to say about this post:
    I share the same adoration for pencils with you! I usually write all my poems with them, so if I would mess up, I'd take an eraser and my mistakes are gone. I can make them vanish as I please, unlike real life, sadly.

    I hope to read more from you! I really like your style of writing and your ability to find so powerful words to express your thoughts and feelings.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Thank you very much, Sophie! Have a nice day too :)