Saturday, April 14, 2012

Visiting Grandma

   Of course I couldn't burn 1000 calories yesterday. I got sick twice every minute and constantly felt dead and tired. I felt blood in my mouth. I spent 2 and a half hours at the gym and only burnt 600 calories. I suppose it is fine, since I hadn't eaten on that day and the day before. At least it was more than last time I felt sick at the gym. I only burnt 400 calories then.
   After I got home, I took a shower and ate: strawberries (without sugar), a banana, an apple cut in 240. I think I've drunk an Activia with fiber, too. I had a salad (tomato, cucumber, green onion, cheese) in the evening and some pistachio nuts and then I screwed up with chocolate.. so I took seven or eight laxatives.
   Me and my family are going to my grandma's tomorrow. It's the grandma I don't really get along with, and we only see each other on Easter and Christmas and maybe some birthdays, but that's it. She's my dad's mother.
I already know what we'll be eating: eggs, salad with extra green onion for me, then mashed potatoes with schnitzel. I will say "No, thank you, I don't eat the schnitzel," then she'll ask why, I'll say I don't eat meat anymore, and from then on we're going to have fun!
"But meat is good for you!"
"But it won't make you fat!"
"Oh, so you're dieting?"
"Please eat some meat, just a bit?"
And so on and so forth.

   I'll go back to watching Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice now.. that's all I've been doing lately, anyways.

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