Saturday, April 21, 2012

The 20th of April.

   The 20th of April represents an important day for me, since a lot of things happened on this day.

   First of all, Adolf Hitler was born on this day, in the year of 1889. I am obviously not a Nazi, and honestly, I do not know much about him. But I am studying at a German school; therefore, I know who he was, when he was born, when he died, and that he wrote a book, "Mein Kampf."

   Second, the Columbine High School Massacre, about which I have written in the previous post. This is important for me, maybe because it is the first, let's call it "bloody event", that has ever interested me that much. Another one would be the Mary Bell case, which I also find fascinating.

   I might have spoken of an old, ex-friend of mine, whom I have met on the internet. Yes, she was my best friend for around three years. I didn't tell her my real age at the beginning, because I was pretty young and was afraid of being judged and treated as a child - thing which I fear today, too. Exactly two years ago, on the 20th of April, I told her my real age. She said it was okay, and that is was better that I didn't tell her my age from the beginning - she said, things would have been different. We first met on the 12th of August, a few months later. She gave me my first kiss. We are not best friends anymore. We haven't spoken this year, she didn't wish me a happy birthday, she is now some kind of "very good friends" with my boyfriend. Cool girl, keep it up.

   The last thing that I want to talk about is my first date with my ex. I remember that my parents gave me "the talk" before that. They did not know that we were together, and I hated the fact that they even thought about that. The "date" was a disaster - none of us spoke a word for three hours. The only things he said were something about ants and their ability to carry things heavier than them; something about Bear Grylls and I don't know what else. We did not kiss. Or hug. Or look at each other. That was a sunny, hot day.

   I have been dizzy all day from the 10 laxatives and 10 Nurofen pills I took - silly me, I thought they would kill me.

   It rained this year. It rained on the 20th of April and I can see why.

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