Thursday, May 10, 2012

No limits

She hugs me.

"God, you are so thin!! Why are you like this?!"

She looks at a classmate.

"Come hug her, look, she's so thin!"

I tell her to let me go, which she does, staring at me.

I'll never be able to see myself through her eyes. I know, I'm not fat, I'm tall, I'm blonde and have a pretty face. Fine. But still, I'm the one who does not eat for days and throws up and takes lax, simply because thin is never thin enough, neither is "too thin". It will never be enough.

Two days, zero cals, first to consecutive zero-cal days ever. Push yourself, break the limits. There are no limits.

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  1. hey Chanelle. :)
    I read your little note in the top right hand corner and I'm sorry. I'll comment as much as I can from now on.
    ♥ EJ