Friday, February 17, 2012

My last poem to you

I told you to stop and to go away
To leave me alone and stop calling me sweet
You do not listen, whatever I say
You still dream of the day when we'll meet.

Daily, you remind me how much you will miss
The days coming after the day when we'll kiss
"Take me as a friend or don't take me at all"
You still think, someday for you I'll fall.

So I tell you what you want to hear
You come closer, I feel fear
I feel anger and despair
Nothing that you do is fair.

You don't know me, dear young man
Come and catch me if you can...

"Do you love me that much?" you say
"Look, I'd tell you to go away
I don't love you and never will
How can you imagine that love I will feel?"

"Okay, I got it.
Have a nice life."
It's you who was stupid.
I'd kill you with a knife.

Now you try to make me sad
So I could tell you how sorry I am
No way, "dear," you got me mad.
You made me hate every single man.

I never wanted to be hot
You think I'm something I'm not
And you say that I look pretty
Your words, my dear, are very creepy.

This is a poem without any meaning
Like our relationship – without any feeling
This is a poem to describe my goodbye
I won't say "hi" again for the rest of my life.

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