Saturday, October 20, 2012

De hy chick

   I guess you could call me Dehy Chick. Dehydrated. De hy. The high chick. Dehy.

   There's a chance that I am not moving anymore. 

   My therapist tried for two hours to convince me not to take some pills. I told her I'd only take a half. I did. she was scared for me. 

   I have a cold. The way-too-many sedatives didn't help me sleep. Only slept for less than 5 hours last night.

   I am talking to the 20-something year-old guy again. He was hoping I would move, because that's the city where he lives. We're like a couple, breaking up, making up, breaking up, making up... In the metaphorical way. One of us usually backs away. But we end up talking again. This is crap.

   I need some time off.. some time in Wonderland...

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