Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fly far, far away...

   I am moving to another city next summer/fall. My mom got a job there, so she's taking us with her. Doesn't this always happen? Someone gets into deep shit and then pulls everyone else down there. I will leave my friends, my school, everything and everyone. I am a mess.

   Moreover, my parents have found my pills: Nurofen, Sedatif PC and Dulcolax. They lectured me and the bitch was so desperate to see them, "show them to me, show them to me, you are destroying me, i am your mother!!!" Actually, dad went through my things without my permission and that's how he found them. Fucked asshole, how could he look through my private stuff? They were well-hidden. So they made me promise I will throw them away. I said I will. I have taken all of the boxes and emptied their contents into a small bag. I am not stupid, I am obviously not throwing away my pills. It was very difficult to get that money from them and buy pills.

   And they expect me to trust them.

   Get out of my way, I will ruin your lives just like you ruined mine. How dare you force me to move to another city?

   "I know that you are mature enough to know that you should not take pills if they are not prescribed." No, I am, in fact, mature enough to know that DEATH is the only way out, taking those pills will hopefully kill me one day, or this eating disorder, or anything. I am mature enough to understand that I can't get out alive.

   You can't fire me, I quit. This Friday.

   (No, I'm not attempting suicide. Just a long, long sleep.. 34 sedatives and 4800 mg (12 pills x 400 mg) of ibuprofen should work. Oh, and 10-15 laxatives.

   Sing me to sleeeeeeeep..

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