Saturday, March 17, 2012


   I thought it would be interesting to share what habits I developed during the last year, so I'm going to list them here. I wonder how many I come up with..

I do not intend to give any kind of tips - I think that any person who cuts or had an eating disorder could have come up with what I am writing below. They come naturally.

I always wear gloves. It's already March, and it's already warm outside, but I don't leave the house without my gloves on - sometimes I even wear them inside. they are fingerless, but they cover my cuts and scratches (from throwing up/replacement for cutting)

I usually wear socks to cover my cuts, even if it is very warm.

I eat bread crumbs with sugar to replace food when I want to eat, but eat anyways after some time.

I eat with my bare hands because using spoons, forks and knives makes the eating too "official" and "real".

I take laxatives on every Friday, because I don't get out of the house on Saturdays, which gives me.. time.

I let the water flow when I am throwing up to avoid being heard. Also, I do not wash my teeth right after that, because the acid will mess my teeth up.

I used to eat one package of gum per day, until I felt sick every time I chewed gum.

I never eat at school.

I always buy laxatives from different pharmacies, because I think people will know that I am misusing them, especially when I buy more than one box. I feel that people just.. know.

Ok, this one is funny. I take extra panties with me when I am at school, just in case I take laxatives and have a, how should we say, little accident.

The first thing I do in the morning is look in the mirror.

I get angry when people tell other people they are fat or have eaten too much.

When friends ask me for dieting tips, they are always amazed by how much I know about the subject.

When I go to the gym, I always work out until the "Calories burnt" number ends in 50 or 00.

I am almost sure there are more, but these are what I could come up with now.

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