Wednesday, September 12, 2012

From my old blog

   Just a few quotes I posted exactly one year ago on my old blog. All "created" by me.

"The last thing Chanelle felt was her heartbeat -- she never stopped loving."I call my insane inner self "Chanelle". Such a beautiful name, but the people don't see her insanity."I'll always be remembered as the girl who loved to talk about blood and suicide and death and mental illnesses.""And there's them, who made me feel insecure, used and trapped in my own body. I wanted to escape, to be free, but the train has derailed and there's nothing more I can do but pray to God to let me live one more second.""There are very few people who know which quotes are from the internet/songs and which are from the heart.""How much I will bleed, you won't even believe. But that will only happen if you ever leave."

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