Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pictures of my new room.

   Here they are, sorry for the low quality.

This here is the bed. I love the blue roof-like thing!

This is just a book shelf. I hate it that, on the right side, the books don't fit
vertically. These ones are huge, I know, but not even the regular ones fit.
These are the "For school" books. Not the actual textbooks, but the above ones could be helpful.

Other two book shelves. Top left: books for younger teens/kids.
Top left: Books I've never read and probably never will.
Bottom left (above): Harry Potter books, 2-7. I lost the first one.
(Oh, and a white candle)
Bottom right (above): A book with graffiti and a red candle.
Bottom left (under): Some books I absolutely love.
Middle: A photo I got from a very good friend (and classmate) with the two of us.
We were 10 when she gave it to me.
Bottom right: The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls.
Actually, the entire bottom shelf is meant for books I absolutely love.

Another photo of the bed. The teddy on it is the one I got from
my ex. I still sleep with it at night.. except I don't always kiss him
good morning or good night now. On the left, there's a mirror
and the door to my dressing room.

I could call this my study area. Looking at the above picture,
this should be somewhere on the left. There's the desk, my laptop,
a small lamp, pens and pencils and papers. The drawers are
really cool. You just push them and they open up and it works the same
way when closing them. I've got school notebooks in them.
On the shelf above, there are the books I've already read (top)
and the books I want to read (bottom).

   Well.. tell me what you think?


  1. hey there Chanelle! =]
    im glad ou like your new room! I like it very much...especially the bookshelves...I'd love to have some bookshelves in my room. at the moment I've only got them shoved in drawers :(
    but anyway!!!
    love EJ

  2. Hi Chanelle..!!! how have u been.??
    by the way..its a really nice it..!!
    specially your its design <3