Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wonderland again?

   I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe I am actually in control of what I am eating. I can't believe I have set out a plan and followed it, with very little "cheating". Here it is:

*crackers = some kind of low-cal thingy that looks like a cracker but I am not sure what to call it

4 crackers - 96 kcal (24 each)
salad (cabbage, tomato, green onion) - 65 kcal
hot chocolate - 98 kcal
Plain Activia (thank God my brother ate the Fiber one, it had more cals) - 115 kcal
corn flakes (one bowl) - 130 kcal
a few forkfuls of mashed potatoes - 30 kcal
big cracker - 40 kcal
other shit/"cheating"/underestimates (though I think I actually overestimated the above calories) - 200 kcal.

Total: 774
Rounded: 800
What is considered to be "The Starvation Diet": 900.
I have drunk water and coke zero.

   It feels so much to me, but it is lower than the "starvation" diet -- heck, who is starving when eating that amount of food? It is almost Sunday and I have only eaten twice this week, on Wednesday and today. It feels good..
   I need to write. Write write write, write a poem. I need to play with the words again. I am high.

   Meh iz in Wandah-laaaaand!

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