Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to break a heart

   This is me reciting the poem. *I'm not playing the piano, it's from Youtube.

How to break a heart?
Well, it's really not that hard.
Take her soul and play with it
The pain she'll feel is infinite.

How to break a heart? It's easy.
Shake it fast, make her dizzy.
Squeeze it, punch it, maybe throw
The thing against a wall.

Break this heart, my dearest boy
Take it, now it is your toy.
Break it, break it, break – hooray!
Who cares if she'll never be okay?

How easily you walked away
Left my path, picked your own way.
You don't need, dear boy, to care.
To break my heart, I know you'd dare.

And so I'll cry all night in fear
Because you broke that heart, my dear
That heart which once belonged to me
You broke a heart, proud you should be.

1 comment:

  1. Hi chanelle...amazing poem..i'm in love with it..!!! I can relate so much to it..its very nice..keep it up and no matter what always stay strong