Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lady Butterfly

Release the butterfly,
Let it die, Let it die
For it can no longer fly
Let it cry, let it cry.

Lady Butterfly
Wants to go, let her go
Lady Butterfly is sad
All those fuckers got her mad.

I am Lady Butterfly
I'm the one who wants to die
I will now cut off my wings
Cut control, cut off the strings.

Down my fingers flows the blood
I throw my heart out in the mud
Careless whispers, silent screams
They turn to nightmares, no more dreams.

Restless mind, endless voices
My hear beating, million noises
All these monsters, they were under my bed
Now they're all crawling through my shadowed head.

They grab my feet, pulling me down
They bite me, in my blood I'll drown
I'm rotting, I am a mess
One more thing I have to confess:

Remember Lady Butterfly?
If she wants to, let her die.
I am Lady Butterfly.
I want to, so let me die.

-One month since we broke up.

1 comment:

  1. It's a great poem chanelle !!! It's amazing how you string all the words together...but again i'd like to say..just stay strong buddy :)