Monday, January 2, 2012

- Chapter 1 -

   This is the first part of the first chapter, edited as well as I could. If there's anyone reading this, I'd love some opinions on it :)

   I can still hear the tall man's strident voice coming from his widely open mouth. I hear him screaming. All these noises make my blood run cold, I am shaking. Being here makes me feel like a caged bird. The fear slowly creeps in. His hand is touching my body.
"Leave me alone!" I say. My heart's racing faster than ever.
            His hand furtively hits me. My body loses all its strenght, then collapses on the floor. I dare not speak anymore. I was speechless, anyway; and I'm not allowed to speak. I turn my head, but know he's still watching me from above. His eyes must be very cold and angry. Why won't he leave already?
            I lie on the cold floor, the hall is dark. He leaves and closes the door behind him. I remember the man brutally smashing me down; I still feel his hand on my shoulder, long after he's left. There was a crippling pain that invaded my entire body.
            I wait in front of my room before I decide to finally get up. As I slightly push the door, my fingers touch the light brown wood. The room was filled by the light of that summer day. There were birds singing outside, everything seemed jollier than it actually was. I walk towards the bed – the rug gently strokes my bare, child-like feet – and lay myself on it, as I usually do when I need to be left alone. Despite that, I leave the door open. What if he comes and apologizes, and admits that his actions were wrong?
"I can not forgie him. Never," a voice in my head says. Lying on my back, I look at the door, though I'd rather never see him again.
            The sound of his footsteps is frightening me. I wonder if he will look into my eyes. The man shortly glares at me as he walks into another room. My face is burning. I can't taste anything but the salty tears who have made their way on my lips. I am sobbing every now and then, and I feel like there is some kind of pressure on my chest that keeps me from breathing. I close my eyes and bring myself back to present.

Edit: The next part can be found here.

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