Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's always the little things..

   Have you ever wanted to find love? To be able to be perfect in the eyes of the other people? Or to hide your flaws, maybe? To succeed in school or at work? To have lots of friends?

   Okay. These are the bigger things. I have handled a boyfriend for 7 months now. I can hide lots of things about myself, which is why there are few people who know me well. I do well in school. I have lots of friends. Shortly said, I have accomplished a lot of things.

   Now you may ask, "What is your problem? There's nothing missing in your life. You are so selfish!"
Okay, maybe it's not the case, but still.. It's the little things that make me weak. It's a cup of pudding I've eaten, or something that someone has said to me, without meaning to offend me or anything. It's when I am afraid of  people. When I can't speak to them, can't be with them. It's these little things that defeat me and kick me, and beat me up and hurt me. How come am I able to handle big things, but not little ones? You might say I should just get over them, but how? How is that possible? Of course I wish I were able to meet new people, to be able to be in a room with more than one person, to eat a cookie, to not be afraid of what tomorrow will bring..

What is it, that defeats you?  The little things? The big ones?


  1. ma gandeam sa atasezi un translator;)) glumesc ma straduiesc asa sa inteleg cu engleza mea...
    nu vreau sa fiu perfecta in ochii nimanui doar ai mei atat:) succes am la scoala ca deh trec la chimie si la mate e chiar un succes;)) prieteni multi nu trebuie sa ai, cunostinte multe da. si o sa mai lucrez la engleza da

  2. Da, sa stii ca ma gandeam la ceva de genul (un translator) :))
    Felicitari pentru mate si chimie. Si da, prieteni multi nu-i nevoie neaparat. Putini si adevarati ajung. :)