Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A poem I've found

I really like this poem. It is not written by me, but I think it deserves to be read. :)

When you wake up tomorrow and I am no where to be found 
When you scream out my name to the emptiness around 
When every beat inside your heart is skipping and unsure 
Don’t cry my friend for I am here, inside your love so pure 
When the waves that used to touch our feet have gone back out to sea 
When everything you once held dear was lost when you lost me 
When the sun that once lit up your face is setting far away 
Don’t cry my Friend for time shall pass, but my love for you will stay 
When age arrives and children play and pain creeps up on you 
When loved ones show you happiness that your life never knew 
When all of your expectations are met, no matter what the pain 
Don’t cry my friend, for I am waiting to hold you once again 
When beauty in your eyes turn gray and all of the rainbow, white 
When strong undying hearts no longer feel an urge to fight 
When winter snows become more pain than beauty in your heart 
Don’t cry my friend, for I am here and we will never ever part