Monday, January 9, 2012


   Inspiration. Shortly defined as being "a sudden feeling of enthusiasmor a new idea that helps you to do or create  something". Where does it come from? Is it a thing that just hits you, or do you have to wait for a long time to find it? To me, inspiration is something natural. Something that I can create for myself, something that creates me. It's an endless river of knowledge, ideas and fantasy.
   Which is why I don't like people who say "I have no inspiration today" instead of actually trying to write something. I don't say that it's not okay to have a hard time finding your inspiration - this can be very tricky sometimes. I say I don't like people who give up easily. Today, I wanted to start a new chapter in my book-attempt. I "had no inspiration", but I ended up with ~160 words - this is still something. Something that I'll edit and add to, and which will probably turn into 2,000 words.
   Now that we know that inspiration is endless, but sometimes hard to find, let's see how we can search for it.
My best "tool" are my own experiences, because that's mainly what I'm writing about. Other times, I listen to songs. My favorite ones are Natalie Merchant - My Skin and Sia - Don't bring me down. I also find Emilie Autumn to be extremely helpful when it comes to vocabulary (I've learned a few new words from her songs), but her songs are also inspiring me. 
   See? You have to find out what you like best and take out what you need from there. A little bit from everywhere.

How do you find inspiration? Is it songs? Books? Landscapes?
If there's anyone reading this, really, don't be shy. =]

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  1. From my experience, but it annoys me, because, when I find inspiration from my experience or other people`s.
    Also, from nature.