Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Question

   This question made me think. People are sometimes very harsh to themselves. "You are stupid." "You are fat." "You are ugly." "I hate you."

   Telling this to ourselves makes us want to change something, makes us feel sad, angry. It makes us hate ourselves more. If a friend would tell all these to us, we would either be very mad at them or stop being friends with that person. 

   Sometimes, being our own best friends can hurt. Because we care about our friend's opinions, right? Of course, a real friend won't tell us we are ugly and stupid and so on, but then, why do we do it to ourselves? Why do we always blame ourselves, and what makes us listen to this inner voice? 


  1. blogul tau e o provocare;))
    am inteles despre ce e vorba...un cuvant din acest post m-a facut sa vreau sa fiu mica, sau toata dreptate in ce scri aici...
    ai scris asta pentru ca te regasesti in ceea ce ai descis?

  2. O s-o iau ca pe ceva bun :))
    Da, ma regasesc in ceea ce am (de)scris. De obicei scriu din propria mea experienta (da, inclusiv cartea asta pe care vreau eu sa o termin), pentru ca e mai simplu. Nu trebuie sa vezi daca e adevarat ce scriu, etc. Pur si simplu, scriu.