Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to me =]

   Yes, today is my birthday. I had some kind of "party" last night.. and I was the only one invited. I have read all night, the Sonnets of Shakespeare and the book "The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls" by Emilie Autumn. At 4 o'clock AM, I was drinking tea, reading and listening to music. There's no better gift than that. I went to sleep at 5:30 AM, after watching Grey's Anatomy online.
   I woke up at approximately 11 o'clock and got a dress from my aunt. Then I had to say "Thanks. Thanks :). Thanks ^^. Thank you!!" to the people who wished me happy birthday on facebook. People who I have never in my life talked to. Yes, annoying.
   I will go to the ice rink later. I haven't been there since last year, and I can't wait! I love ice skating.

I will end this post with four of my favorite verses of Shakespeare's 16th Sonnet:

Neither in inward worth nor outward fair, Can make you live yourself in eyes of men. To give away yourself keeps yourself still, And you must live, drawn by your own sweet skill.