Thursday, August 2, 2012

8 hours left

   Well, this is it. It's 11 PM now, we're leaving tomorrow at 7 AM. I have barely eaten anything until dinner, but I guess it was just.. fine. It was better than any of this week's days. I didn't take laxatives, because it would have been stupid. Imagine what would have happened if they didn't "do their job" before leaving! I don't even want to imagine. I hope there will only be a little/no weight gain tomorrow morning. It usually adds up after taking lax.

   I have bought a few Fitness bars, each under 95 calories. I also have some rice cakes/crackers, which are 24-40 calories. I'm ok with that. I also have some apples, gum, coke zero and Nestea. I should be aaaalright.

   I'll go to sleep now. I will bring 3 books with me, because we'll be in a car for 4000 km (not all at once, but throughout these 2 weeks). See you guys when I come back.