Thursday, August 2, 2012

Okay then..

   This vocaroo thingy is driving me crazy. I've been trying all day long to record a short, cute message, but of course it refused to work. Then why did it work yesterday? Arghhhh.

   In a nutshell, I wanted to tell you that I am leaving tomorrow morning. We'll be visiting five countries, starting from Romania (not included in those 5), then to the West of Europe and then back here to Romania, the country with no schools or roads or jobs or money or anything. Okay, it's not as bad as it seems, but it could be improved.
   I will still read your blogs on my phone if the hotels will have free Wi-Fi connection, but I probably won't comment. And if I won't be able to read your blogs from there, I'll definitely read them as soon as I get back home.. Which will happen in two weeks, say, around the 18th of August.

   My dad will pick me up in two hours to go grocery shopping. I really want to buy a hundred of those 90-100 kcal bars. I won't be able to count my calories properly while on vacation, so at least I will have a few "safe foods" besides the salads and other healthy (again, "safe") foods I'll be eating. I want to enjoy myself there, and that will only be possible if I don't feel guilty about food.
   I honestly hope I'll actually lose weight there.

   And you know what? My hair is super cute! :D I cut it a few weeks ago, it used to be really long but looked a bit weird, since I have very little hair (it's super-falling out). Now it's shorter, mid-length, and looks like there's more of it. It's dark-blonde, but because of the sun I hope it will be even blonder. It's up in some sort of bun right now because I absolutely love having curls. My hair is very straight, people often ask me if I use an iron, but I don't even own one.. And by the waaay, I have done my nails. White, blue, red, purple, black --> in this order from left to right, each hand.

   I have taken a shower, plucked my eyebrows and I'll shave my legs tonight (too much information, sorry) and I'll feel super pretty! I already feel super pretty. I am haaaaaappy! Dude, seriously, a few days ago I was depressed  and was thinking about pill cocktails I could take to "put me to sleep," but now I feel so amazing and okay and cute and blaaah. Shoot me now.

   I hope everyone is okay, I'm sending big hugs to Stacy and also to E.J. and Jessica, if they're still reading this blog, and I'm actually sending big hugs to everyone since I feel so okay now.



  1. (((hugs))) Have a super fun time while you are away!! Try to really enjoy your vacation and relax, and soak up all the good memories. Whenever I think back to my trip to China, all I can remember is having my ED stand in the way of almost everything. My one wish is for that to not happen to you too. Take pictures, have fun, and smile! I'll be thinking about you!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you're happy..!!! Enjoy your trip and have a lot of fun and have a safe journey...big hugs to u friend :D
    and i hope u always stay happy like this :)
    Take care chanelle..bye !! <3