Thursday, August 2, 2012

Good morning.

   Well, hi there. It is almost 5 AM here, I have been awake since 4, making trips to the bathroom and back. I wanted to scream because it hurt so badly and I was freezing to death. Yes, I have taken laxatives again.. why else would I be awake at this hour? At least I'll be free from lax for at least 2 weeks from today.. More on that later in the morning, when I plan on doing a.. vocal post? Is that correct, anyway? It's like vlogging without any video, just my voice. I'll use the same website I used when reading the "How to break a heart" poem.

   I just want to go to sleep.. but I'm too lazy. And that just didn't make any sense. I guess I'll just hang around for a little more, since I've almost "gotten everything out." I feel slightly uncomfortable, but it's way better than a few minutes ago.

   Who the fuck invented eating disorders? Grrrrrr..

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