Saturday, August 25, 2012

"And everything went better than expected."

   At least if you have a messed up ED-mind, like I do. Or like any ED'ed person has. So, thing is, I've been losing weight recently (past 2-3 days, haha), very very little, but I am very satisfied with it. My appetite has decreased (or the laziness has increased) and I haven't thrown up or used lax (who am I kidding, I just had lax kick in yesterday. At least, no throwing up). Today I have eaten like a "normal person" and had some spaghetti in the evening. It wasn't enough to make me feel bloated, but it was enough to make the scale go up. From the 59.5 I weighed in the morning, I now weighed 60.8, and I have to add I've been drinking a lot more, mostly water. Why? Oh, because I am the Dehydrated Chick who has to lick her own hands because they are so dry.  Wicked, right?
   Ok, back on topic. So, I did not feel bloated and I only looked 5 months pregnant (not 9 month pregnant with triplets like I usually do after eating). I initially didn't even think about purging, but I couldn't resist the temptation. In fact, I could have. I just didn't want to. I went into the bathroom and purged. For some reason, the vomit came out so damn fast and so damn much. I have no idea why, because we rarely eat spaghetti and when we do, I rarely purge them. I was like a vomit waterfall. A vomitfall. After taking a shower and plucking and putting eye drops into my eyes, I weighed myself. 59.5, weight morning. And not everything was purged, meaning I really hope to be somewhere below 59 in the morning. PRETTY PLEASE?! My bmi is almost 20, I don't want that, nonono.
   Do you know what I hate? That I don't have a scale of my own. The one and only scale in the house is located in my mom's bathroom and I always have to walk there to weigh myself. How annoying, especially in the morning, when we all wake up and have to use the bathroom. I always have to wait for her to finish so I can weigh myself, graaaaghjghf.

   End of the post, I wish everyone a good day/night/morning/whatever and I'll see you around soon. ^.^

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